What You Can Get from Palliative Care

What You Can Get from Palliative Care

Palliative care is intended to help patients and their families once the sickness has been diagnosed. This type of care is targeted to relieve a patient of the pain he/she is currently suffering due to a critical disease or sickness. What can you get from palliative care? Can it improve you and your loved ones’ state of living?

Physical problems
Palliative care can address the patient’s physical concerns. Pain, shortness of breath, sudden weight gain or weight loss, headache, wounds, and trouble sleeping are just some of the common physical problems people with a certain sickness suffer from. With a palliative care team’s knowledge, these physical problems will be solved through nutritional planning and guidance, medications, safety measures, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

Emotional problems/mental health needs
It is indeed difficult to adjust to lifestyle changes when you are diagnosed with a serious sickness. It can affect the way you see life in general and how you behave. Even medications can transform you into another person. Usually, patients who have been diagnosed with a serious sickness might feel anxious, depressed, or hopeless. In addition, the patient’s family members might still take care of the patient despite their other roles and responsibilities in life. And when they can’t manage their stress properly, family caregiving might take its toll. A palliative care team will shed the light to the patient and to his family by means of counseling, family meetings, and therapy. Furthermore, if the patient and his family have been following a religious belief, a palliative care team also offers spiritual support. It is a palliative care team’s role to be the mediator between the patient, the family, and God throughout these difficult times.

Financial/Practical problems
The family might need assistance with deeper medical, financial, or legal issues. A palliative care team makes it a point to guide the family members in understanding and confirming medical procedures. Insurance and other financial assistance issues will also be tackled upon by the palliative care team. You don’t need to worry about dealing with documents and other technical jargon you couldn’t understand. Our palliative care team will provide you with multiple solutions to your different problems. For us, the patient will always be a priority. It is our ultimate goal to improve the patient and the family’s state of living. Palli-Med Hospice LLC offers you unparalleled Hospice Care in McAllen, Texas. Our Hospice Services will surely cater to your needs. For inquiries, feel free to call us today at 1-956-627-2744!

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