What Happens during a Bereavement Support Program?

What Happens during a Bereavement Support Program

Eventually, every life would stop. When that moment comes, the pain will envelope those who are left. The pain may stay for a while and deepen wounds even more. Since this fact is certain, Hospice Services began to develop to aid families, friends and loved ones to move on.

When speaking of hospice services, it usually includes bereavement support programs. The said program is the application of psychotherapy and counseling methods to help patients channel the grief and agony of facing the fact that a loved one has been laid to eternal rest. To explicate further what this is really about, here are things that you usually undergo during the program:

  • Exploration of emotions.
    You are not in the right mind and everything else seems to be disengaging. This feeling is normal. It is perfectly human to stay sad after a great loss. During bereavement programs, you are lead to identify your feelings. It is akin to having a compass to discover your inner sensibility.
  • Understanding grief.
    Grief is complicated. It can throw you out of your rationality. Upon getting into a bereavement program, grief is given a meaning. Therapists help you know why you are feeling the pain and how it affects you. They try to pick up the shattered pieces of yourself and show you that you have the ability to glue them back together.
  • Emotional and psychological support.
    As said earlier, bereavement programs are made available to give you support. It can be your outlet to find emotional and psychological strength that you don’t possess temporarily. It allows you to be weak. It allows you to cry for help. It allows you to forgive yourself.
  • Identification of recovery options.
    In bereavement support programs, you are given one crucial option – to move on. Staying under the clouds of unacceptance will not get you anywhere. That is why therapists encourage you to take a stand and face the pain with an open heart. Once you do, you may discover possibilities that you never saw before.
  • Acceptance.
    At bereavement programs, you are not given false hopes. You are not promised that the pain will vanish instantly. What happens is that you are given a chance to start a change. Therapists are not the ones who provide you with the solution for the problem at hand, you are! They merely aid you in realizing that you must continue to live for the sake of those who passed on and those who are still with you.

Has the doctor made the final call? Now is the best time for the family to stay together. Settle the differences and let filial love burn stronger. To help you in caring for a loved one is his final days, do not hesitate to ask Palli-Med Hospice LLC for assistance. Being a renowned Hospice Care in McAllen, Texas, our services are assured to be sensitive and reliable.

For your inquiries, requests, and other concerns, feel free to call us at 1-956-627-2744.


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