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Benefits Your Seniors Can Get From Palliative Care

Being diagnosed with a chronic and severe illness can never be taken lightly. Getting regular medication and seeing the doctor on a monthly basis may not be enough, especially if your condition is gradually worsening. You might consider palliative care and here are some of the benefits that you can get from it: Pain can … Continue reading

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Preparing for the End-of-life

“It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.” This is a poignant line written by J.K. Rowling in her Harry Potter installment, The Half Blood Prince, which perfectly encapsulates how most people view death and dying. When you have been in a situation wherein you are caring for … Continue reading

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Enjoying Life to the Fullest

Just because you need hospice care in McAllen, Texas, it does not mean you have to stop enjoying life. Being diagnosed with a terminal condition is devastating for you and your family; however, Palli-Med Hospice LLC is here to help you get through it. Just because you have a serious illness, it does not mean … Continue reading

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A Hospice is a Place for Hope

If you have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or if you have a loved one who is still battling a terrible condition, we know your struggle. We know the emotional turmoil, the pain, and the hardship you and your family are going through. For this reason, Palli-Med Hospice LLC offers hope. We may be … Continue reading

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