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Live Life on Your Own Terms: 5 Reasons to Consider Palliative Care

You still have a fighting chance, now is not the time to abandon all hope. Stay at ease while you concentrate on getting through daily life. Palliative care will focus on giving you relief. It will also help you and your loved ones deal with your illness and manage the symptoms. If you have been … Continue reading

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What Happens during a Bereavement Support Program?

Eventually, every life would stop. When that moment comes, the pain will envelope those who are left. The pain may stay for a while and deepen wounds even more. Since this fact is certain, Hospice Services began to develop to aid families, friends and loved ones to move on. When speaking of hospice services, it … Continue reading

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Ways to Effectively Cope With A Debilitating Illness In The Family

When your loved one is suffering from chronic and life-limiting illness such as multiple sclerosis, HIV-AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease and whatnot, they actually require a different level of care in order that they’ll get the most of what’s left in their life. These debilitating illnesses could definitely disrupt the family dynamics that is present. To some … Continue reading

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A Hospice is a Place for Hope

If you have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or if you have a loved one who is still battling a terrible condition, we know your struggle. We know the emotional turmoil, the pain, and the hardship you and your family are going through. For this reason, Palli-Med Hospice LLC offers hope. We may be … Continue reading

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