6 Ways to Prepare the Family for Hospice Care


Hospice care seems to send a negative connotation to most people. However, this kind of care is completely opposite to what the general public had conceptualized. Getting hospice care service is completely humanitarian. It must be noted also that not only terminally ill patients and similarly situated individuals need this, their families too.

Aside from being a dignified option of caring for a terminally ill loved one, hospice can help facilitate the healing of families after the happening of the inevitable. Therapists can serve as their guides to properly and healthily address their negative emotions.

Not all family members may have positive reactions toward hospice care. To help them understand the cause and ends of this program, it is best to prepare them before undertaking the same. Here are suggested options to do so:

    1. Show them hard facts.

    People tend to get cynical on matters that they are not acquainted with yet. Convince your loved ones that hospice is beneficial by presenting illustrative truths. Having a person who had undergone the program may add more influence.

    2. Clear up hoaxes.

    Hospice is not limited to hospitals, it can be done at home. It does not involve drastic and cruel methods. And of course, having the services does not equate to giving up on your loved one. Let the family members throw questions and answer them accordingly. This way, you are educating them to view hospice in its truest sense.

    3. Avoid being too pushy.

    Allow some time for your family to accept hospice. Getting the program is not easy for them. Just casually bring up the topic during meals or family gatherings. Forcing them to concede is no form of approval at all.

    4. Advise them that there will be changes.

    Inform the rest of the clan that getting hospice care may change the home physically and psychologically. Physically because there might be more contraptions to be installed. More spaces should be reserved to adjust to the intricate needs of your sick loved one. Psychologically because your fragile loved one may have fewer interactions with the family to allow him more time to rest. Despite this fact, the rest of the family is still encouraged to stay cheery to benefit the patient’s mindset.

    5. Let them talk to the experts.

    If you have tried applying options 1 to 4 and nothing worked, try introducing them to professionals. Therapists and other medical practitioners have authority over this program. Their words are credible. Also, brought by their expertise and experience, they are able to draw more concrete explanations on the matter.

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